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Tishomingo County Electric Power Association’s Rates & Fees

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Service Charges & Fees

During Normal Business HoursAfter Hours**
Meter Set Changes
New MembersNo Charge$75
New permanent installationsNo Charge$75
Switch box replacementNo Charge$175
Conversion from temporary to permanent serviceNo Charge$175
Service Charges
Temporary Service$35$175
Read-on$25 N/A
Additional visits by service crew$45$175
Additional visits by service crew for meter tampering$100175
Additional visits by service crew (Sunday or Holiday) N/A $220
Misc. Charges
Meter tests$35N/A
Mailing past due notices$3N/A
Collection visit charge (door hanger)$15N/A
Reconnect after non-payment$25$75
Return check charge$20N/A

Deposit Policy

Residential Based on FICO Score

Good680 or greaterNo deposit required
Acceptable600-679 $200 cash deposit
PoorLess than 600 (or no score available) Deposit equal to two (2) highest consecutive bills at location not to exceed two (2) times the highest monthly bill for the residential class; or $20 if not history for location.

General Power

Deposits shall be two (2) times the average monthly bill or two (2) times the estimated bill if no history is available.

Deposits may be provided in the form of a surety bond, irrevocable letter of credit, or cash. A member with a FICO score greater than 680 and in good standing with the Association may co-sign for another consumer guaranteeing payment for a residential service in lieu of the other forms of deposit. Residential customers may satisfy cash deposit requirements with installment payments provided the full deposit is paid within seventy-five days (75) days from the date of the initial service.

Cash deposits greater than one month’s average bill and held for more than twelve (12) months shall earn simple interest at the twelve (12) month average of the rates earned by the Association on its primary bank account. Interest on the deposit will be calculated as of June 30 of each year.

The deposit and any accrued or credited interest will be paid to the customer upon termination of service and after payment of all outstanding charges for service or upon refund of deposits for establishing the credit standing required of new customers. Cash deposits held for less than one year shall earn no interest.

Deposits held over twelve (12) months may be reviewed at the request of the consumer or by the Association to determine the adequacy of the deposit and earned interest or if the deposit and earned interest are in excess of the amount provided for in this policy. If an adjustment is appropriate to follow the Deposit Policy, such adjustment will be made within sixty (60) days.

The Association will refund any residential cash deposit and accrued interest after two (2) years if the customer has established a satisfactory payment record (no bills outstanding as of the subsequent month’s billing being printed) for twenty-four (24) consecutive months.

Tishomingo Bylaws

Rules & Regulations

Terminate or Transfer Services

Membership Application and Agreement for Service

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